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Produce Market Report,   April 2020
Market Report April 2020

April 7 2020

To all our valued customers

American Produce Distributor is open during the Coronavirus deliveries only. No Will Call will be excepted.

The Transitioning of California growing season combined with the current rain storm, which should last all week has caused the markets on the following to rise: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Iceberg Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce and Green Leaf and Spring Mix lettuce.

Good news on the products out of Mexico, Cucumbers, all colored Bell Peppers, Italian Squash, Yellow Squash and all Tomatoes continue to fall in Price.

Popular Supermarkets items such as Banana, Onions and Potatoes remain higher than normal, but stable.


Asparagus - Market price in the mid to high fifties.

Arugula - Baby Arugula is in the mid teens.

Broccoli - Market prices are coming down with quality looking good.

Cabbage - Green Cabbage is in the mid to high twenties. Red Cabbage is in the low twenties.

Cauliflower - California - prices are up some, and priced in the low to mid thirties.

Celery - Market is up, price is in the mid to high teens.

Cucumbers 36 Count – Up - Price is in the low Thirties.

Eggplant California - Price in the mid to low twenty dollar range.

Lettuce Leaf - California - leaf lettuce Red and Green leaf are in the high teens. Romaine is in the mid teens. Spring Mix 3# case is in the mid teens.

Iceberg Lettuce - California – Market is going up.

Peppers Bell - California - Green are in the low to mid twenties. Red price is in the high thirties.

Potatoes - Large Potatoes are priced on the high side.

Spinach - Baby Spinach is in the mid teens.

Squash - Expect to pay in the low thirties on zucchini. Yellow squash price is in the low thirties also.

Tomatoes - All tomato products at up, color is on the pink side. Expect to pay in the low to mid fifty dollar range on rounds. Roma tomatoes are in the low to mid thirty dollar range.

Tomatoes Cherry - Expect to pay in the in the low to mid Thirties.

Tomatoes Grape - Price is in the low to mid twenties.


Apples - Fuji, Gala, Red Delicious, Golden are all available.

Avocados - Mexican - Price on Mexican Avocadoes are priced around the mid to high fifty dollar range.

Banana - Market steady - Prices are in the low twenties.

Cantaloupe/Honeydew - Quality is very good. Product is ripe and sweet. Price on Cantaloupe is in the low to mid twenties. Honeydew priced in the mid twenties low thirties.

Grapes - Prices on red seedless grapes, you can expect to pay in the high thirties. Green grapes are in the mid forties
Lemons - Market down with price in the low thirty dollar range.

Limes: Mexican - Market is coming down, price is in the low to mid forty dollar range.

Pears - Bosc, D'njou, and Bartlett are available.

Pineapple - Prices are up on pineapple. Expect to pay in the mid to high twenties.

Strawberry - Good quality. Prices are in the mid to high thirties.

Tangerines Halo are available in 4/5 lb case. Regional

Tangerines Golden Nugget Local coming in February 2020.

Thank you.

Due to the volatility of the Produce Market, American Produce can not be held responsible for information contained on this web page as the Produce Market changes constantly.