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Produce Market Report,   July 2023
Market Report July 2023

July 13,2023

To all our valued customers
Due to hot temperatures these next few weeks, prices could take a high jump in price. Check with your sales representative for more information.

American Produce Distributor is open for will calls 7am till noon. Monday thru Friday and Saturday 7am till 11am.


Asparagus - Market price steady from Baja Mexico.

Broccoli - Market prices is down some.

Cabbage - Green Cabbage price is steady. Red Cabbage price is on the high side but has come off a bit as supply increases in California.

Cauliflower - California - prices have started to come down as supplies have started to increase.

Celery - Market price is up due to light supply.

Cucumbers 36 Count - Price is steady supplies are from Mexico.

Eggplant California - Price is steady.

Lettuce Leaf - California - leaf lettuce red and green leaf are trending higher. Romaine is also moving up slowly.

Iceberg Lettuce - California – Market price has been going up slowly.

Peppers Bell - California - Green and Red Bells are steady. Yellow Bells have also been steady.

Potatoes - Prices are steady as demand is light. Packers are cutting production to pace themselves through the season.

Spinach - Baby Spinach is steady.

Squash - California Zucchini and Yellow Squash has started. Supplies are lighter as crops start to increase, price will come down.

Tomatoes - Market on all round tomato has started to go up. Demand has been steady.

Tomatoes Cherry - Offerings are light and market is up some.

Tomatoes Grape - Market is up.


Apples - Fuji, Gala, Red Delicious, Golden are all available.

Avocados - California Hass Avocadoes have started and price up. Mexican Avocadoes have followed suit.

Banana - Supplies are lighter from all suppliers due to cooler weather.

Cantaloupe/Honeydew - California and Arizona Cantaloupe is here prices have come down. California and Arizona Honeydew are here and price has come down some.

Grapes - California and Mexico supplies of Red Grapes are holding steady with price up. Green Grape have come down some.

Lemons - Market is light prices have gone up.

Limes: Market is light with a wide range in quality and condition. Pricing has move upwards.

Nectarines - have started and are regional. Color is nice and the fruit is firm to the touch.

Oranges - are local and quality is great.

Pears - Bosc, D'Anjou, and Bartlett are available.

Peaches - Have started and are regional. They are firm with great color.

Pineapple - Prices are up. Production is light.

Plum - Regional Plums are here and have great color and taste great. Very juice.

Strawberry - Offering on California strawberries are very light with a wide range of quality and condition. Price on California and Mexican have been up and down.

Thank you.

Due to the volatility of the Produce Market, American Produce can not be held responsible for information contained on this web page as the Produce Market changes constantly.